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Pricing & Availability


All pricing can be obtained by emailing us or by using the information request form by clicking here

Also you can call us at 862-290-5709 Monday through Friday , 9:00AM to 3:00PM EST

Structures that are customized from commercially available kits like DPM, RIX, Pikestuff, IHC, Laser-Art, some Walthers, etc. are quickly available and the pricing is available within the day.

Certain structure like our HO Scale Chelsea Hotel , City Scoops and other are made from retired kits from Bachmann's Spectrum, Magnuson, Microstructures, FSM, retired Walthers kits.  These kits are not readily available but we have a great deal of resources to find these kits.

Due to the nature that these structures are retired and are out of production (OOP), these kits aren't priced as they were when they were available on the hobby store shelf.  So remember the cost of simply the kit can be high itself.

If you have the kit and want it product as one of the one's we make, then email us for more info.

REMEMBER: All custom or scratchbuilt items are non-refundable.

In the past 2 years the cost of model railroad supplies has been rising.  You know that from simply going to the hobby shop and seeing that.  We buy our structures and detail parts in big quantities to try and keep the costs down.

Lead time on structures may vary because of availability of kits or detail parts, vendor issues, changes to the order and so forth.  We will email you an estimated time of completion.

If there is a delay due to the reasons above or something else, we will contact you via email or by phone to advise you about the situation.

Thank you.


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