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This page features a few of our buildings we put on YouTube the past few years.  Many of them are of the Schenectady and Wildwood Boardwalk builds we did.

Most of them are retired buildings. But here at least you can get to see them with all working.

So enjoy and if you have any questions about them, feel free to email us.


Above is the OGR - Ameritowne Kitbash Contest winner than Maria made. She got an incredible 29 out of 30 points in the voting. This building was also featured in the Feb / March 2009 , Run 234 issue of OGR magazine.

Above is a short video showing the Hi-Lites of the Stewart's Root Beer Boardwalk Restaurant.  This building is still available in very limited quanity.


Above is a video of one of the three "DOO-WOP" style motels we made. This one is of the Crusader featuring lots of LED and "EL" flat panel lighting. Also has lots of little details that the video shows.


Above another DOO-WOP style Wildwood motel and this one is of the Olympic Island Beach Resort Motel. With the custom made huge "EL" neon sign that was made exact to the prototype.


Above is the Ocean View Motel in Wildwood Crest, NJ.  This is the motel that or customer stays at every summer so he wanted a version for his layout. With it's "Space Race" design of the late 1950's to 60's, it is truly a marvel.


A true adult building for an urban area.  Dave's Sports Bar has more of an adult theme than many others. Features animated "EL" sign, "Adult" sounds and more !


A kitbashed Plasticville TV Station kit made into a radio station for WCBS-FM 101.1.  New York's Oldies Station ! The model features a blinking tower and full DJ interior.


Based on the actual Seneca Block building in downtown Schenectady, NY. The building features interiors, custom "EL" flat panel lighting and Miller Engineering signs on the rooftop.

More To Come Soon !


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