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Our FAQ Page


FAQ Page

This is a page were we try to answer the most common question that we at M&M are asked through phone calls or emails.

ARE ALL THESE BUILDINGS IN STOCK?  No. either in kitbashed kit form or SCRATCHBUILT, each building is made to order.  We do not keep these custom buildings on the shelf because most customers make changes to them to give it their most personal touch.  We stock some of the raw kits from DPM, Rix and other manufactures but in built form we don't.

I LIKE THE BUILDING BUT CAN I CHANGE THE NAME ON THE SIGN?  Of course, we can change the name on the sign if you like.  Even if you like your own logo that you have or need a logo made, we can do that.  We have a full graphics dept that can design signs and logos for you.

CAN I ADD MORE DETAILS THAN WHAT IS SHOWN TO THE BUILDINGS?  Yes again !  Remember each structure is built to order, that means we can add or delete anything on the structure you like. Anything added or deleted will be priced accordingly.

I HAVE PHOTOS OF A BUILDING I LIKE BUILT, CAN YOU DO IT?  Yes, we thrive on that.  Custom made from photos like our Schenectady Series are a huge hit. You can email us with a few pics of the building you like reproduced and we will send a quote.  Please try to take as many photos of all the sides and details as you can.

WHY ARE SOME OF YOUR BUILDINGS DISCONTINUED, RETIRED OR LIMITED EDITIONS?  Some of them are limited for various reasons.  Some buildings like the Roller Rink and The Headliner are made from discontinued Bachmann Spectrum kits.  They are far and few in between but sometimes we acquire a few for stock, that is when we make certain buildings available.  Also some of our structures that feature a limited edition LIGHTWORKS USA animated sign will be only available for how long the sign is available for sale. And the last reason, some of the scratchbuilt series are only limited runs.

WHY DO YOU MINIATRONICS BULBS IN YOUR BUILDINGS?   Miniatronics are the most superior hobbyist bulb on the market.  They have the longest life under normal operating conditions of any incandescent hobby bulb out there.  Some situations we use "Flourette" style bulbs and holders in our buildings but for the most part in 98 of our structures, we use Miniatronics bulbs.

ARE THE ELECTRICAL HOOKUPS EASY TO WIRE TO MY LAYOUT?  Yes , we label the bottom of our buildings where the wiring is so you know the voltage and current it takes.  With some buildings using LIGHTWORKS USA "EL" lightrope or signs, we install one of there converters so you can apply 5 - 17V AC or DC voltage from your power pack to it.  Some use a plug in DC power supply or battery pack.  We include easy to follow instructions for you to install you building using these fine enhancements.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE?  Depending on order schedules, prior orders, availability of kits or supplies or other factors delivery times vary. at time of inquiry, we quote you a delivery time based upon the order and other variables stated above.

ARE YOU A BIG COMPANY?  Yes we are a Forbes 500 Company................  KIDDING !  No we are a small family operated business in North Jersey.  I have been actively been in the hobby since I was 6 and by the time I was 16, my friend and I built a 32' x 22' HO scale layout based on the Erie Lackawanna in the basement of my old childhood home on the other side of town.  Since then I have built 4 other layouts based on fallen flag railroads in NJ (EL, CNJ, PC, PRSL, LHR). When Maria and I dated and married she shared my love for the hobby and how I love to recreate prototype locations in a few area of a layout and with her being a former art teacher she help me improve a few old techniques I do.  Our daughter greatly helps in our graphics dept because she is a media major in college and this helps greatly, also our son is the primary shipper and is currently working on our new N scale layout and show module and is perfecting his craft to great standards.  When you call us, you talk to one of us !

Have a question?  Email us and we will answer it !


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