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For custom , scratchbuilt or services that we provide.  Please use the information request form and remember to provide all the information you can about what you are looking for.  If it is one of the structures on our site and you want changes to it, please provide all the information of the changes you require.

If you like you can also email us  . If you have drawings, sketches, photos of a prototype , graphics for the structure you can email them to us also.

Also you can call us at 862-290-5709 Monday through Friday , 9:00AM to 3:00PM EST

For more info on this, please see our Pricing & Availability Page.

At M&M Built Scale Structures we accept checks, money orders and online payments through PayPal .  We find that they are the most secure and our customers as well as us never had a problem with them.

Just use the PayPal buy buttons below each item, it will make a shopping cart if you are making a multiple purchase.

if it is a custom build or project, we will email and call you and send a PayPal invoice. No need to use the chopping cart on here.

If you wish to order and pay by mail, please make payment to Maria Poklemba

If an item is pre-priced or we already quoted you a price, you can use the printable ordering form from this website and mail it in.

You can obtain the form by clicking here.

You need Microsoft Word 2000 or MS Word Viewer 2003 to retrieve the order form. If you don't have Word 2000 or better, you can get Microsoft Word Viewer 2003 for free from Microsoft by clicking here


Send mail to mmsstruc@optonline.net with questions or comments about this web site.
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